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Are you business law savvy? At Sparks Law, we are professionals. Legal professionals can be relied upon to do what they say they’re going to do, tell you what you need to know about complex situations, and find creative solutions to difficult problems using the tools of their profession.

It takes a lot to be an entrepreneur. Our Georgia business lawyers seek to help entrepreneurs achieve their vision by giving them access to these legal tools. Business owners should have the best. With the use of fundamental corporate law, we’re able to minimize our client’s legal risk and maximize their success.

We are the expert’s expert. A good company will have an attorney on staff, and a great company will have a legal team. As a law firm that represents thousands of businesses across all industries, our team has the experience necessary to help our clients take advantage of cutting-edge legal technology. Our in-house counsel colleagues call us to learn about the latest in business law because we are here in the trenches with our clients, developing the newest legal technologies.



Business Formation
Business Formation
There are many moving parts in the process of creating a business, including selecting and forming the type of legal entity most suited to the organization’s and owners’ unique needs.
Business Dissolution
Business Dissolution
If you and your business partners agree to dissolve your business, there are several recommended steps, many of which a skilled attorney can assist you with. A Georgia business dissolution lawyer can help you efficiently terminate your company.
Collection Services
Collection Services
There are two types of companies: those that are or have been involved in litigation and those that will be. Our clients benefit from our experience in domestic and commercial litigation.
Most of our clients will consider entering into agreements with other businesses at some point, and when they do, they come to us to give them a predictable flat rate for reviewing the terms that the other side is proposing.
Employment Law Compliance
Employment Law Compliance
Hiring employees remains the single most misunderstood function of a company and is also its largest liability – not only to the employee but to state and federal agencies
Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property
Every business has some type of intellectual property that needs protecting, but with all the different laws and ideas floating around the internet, it can be very difficult to know exactly what needs to be protected.
Non-Disclosure & Non-Compete Agreements
Non-Disclosure & Non-Compete Agreements
“Covenants Not to Compete,” or CNC, are contracts developed to allow business owners to benefit from the time and money spent training certain key employees. All things being equal, when a person is trained to be the manager of a company.
Purchase & Sale Agreements
Purchase & Sale Agreements
Whether it follows a letter of intent or stands alone, the real function of a purchase and sale agreement is to govern the due diligence process from the signing of the agreement to closing.
Trust & Estates
Trust & Estates
It is extremely important for every adult to have a Will. With it, you can decide the distribution of your property, name a guardian for your children, leave property to friends or charities, and – perhaps most importantly – make your wishes known.

What Services Do We Offer?

Business owners and other lawyers call us because of our experience. At Sparks Law, we’ve dealt with thousands of business matters, such as:

  • Mergers and acquisition deals
  • Employment law contracts and disputes
  • Business breakups and successions
  • Wills and estate plans
  • Customer contracts
  • Licensing agreements

Additionally, we’ve filed hundreds of registrations to protect our client’s intellectual property and set up thousands of startups, watching them grow into massive and successful powerhouse companies.

Negotiating Goods and Services Contracts

As a business owner, you’re selling goods or services to customers to make profits. However, you might also be buying supplies and services from vendors. In both situations, you’re entering into a contract with the other party to execute that transaction. Contracts for the sale of goods or services contain clauses that can help or hurt your business, so it is essential to go over these documents with a lawyer.

For example, a contract for the purchase of products may include a provision that requires your company to pay a set amount of liquidated damages to the other party if you breach the terms of the agreement. If the other party accuses you of breach of contract, your company could sustain severe profit losses. An experienced attorney can help minimize your risk by drafting and negotiating favorable business contracts.

Our Team

SPARKS LAW was founded by Jonathan Sparks, an attorney and driven business leader with a heart of service as the core of his management style.

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Navigating Changes in the Organization

Over time, your company might undergo changes in management and grow in ways that can cause you to consider converting your organization from one entity to another. A competent lawyer can advise you on how to restructure your business to fit its changing needs. An attorney can also prepare and file the legal documents necessary to convert it into the desired legal entity.

Transferring Ownership

You might need to transfer ownership of your business to a specific person or group of people upon retirement, illness, or death. In cases like this, you’ll need a strong succession plan in place that details how the ownership interests will transfer.
Devising and executing these plans can get complicated, especially if you intend to divide equity between multiple people. A corporate law attorney can discuss the different options for legally transferring interests to another person and prepare a streamlined plan on your behalf.

Helping You Structure Your Business in Georgia

State law permits business owners to choose from various entities as a means of structuring their companies. These types of legal entities include:

  • Sole Proprietorships
  • Limited Partnerships (LP)
  • General Partnerships (GP)
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
  • Limited Liability Limited Partnerships (LLP)
  • S Corporations
  • C Corporations
  • Close Corporations
  • Professional Corporations

Each legal entity provides owners with different levels of limited liability, tax burdens and benefits, and varying degrees of personal liability protection from debts. A skilled business attorney can explain the advantages and disadvantages of choosing one entity over another based on your specific circumstances. A legal professional can also draft the paperwork needed to form and organize your business.

Call a Georgia Business Attorney Today

We’ve seen how countless business law disputes play out, so we know how to help you prepare for it. We know how to write a partnership agreement that allows a business to survive a business breakup. We write estate plans for business owners so that their most valuable assets are passed on to their heirs seamlessly.

With success, lawsuits tend to follow. We write employment contracts that shield businesses from toxic individuals and make it easy for our clients to win their legal battles. Additionally, we protect our client’s brand from infringers using intellectual property legal tools.

If you want the best, give us a call. Our Georgia business lawyers will walk you through these complex legal processes.

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We have used Sparks Law on two occasions for services. They provided their expertise and guided us in the right direction. This added value to our firm. I highly recommend Sparks Law for your corporate law needs.
- Danny Kennedy
I was introduced to Jonathan by my accountant and he automatically captured me with his knowledge when I was looking to sell my company which I sweat blood and tears to build for for 10 years. He is highly creative, competent, professional, and is a great partner to help seal...
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