Georgia Employment Lawyer

When employers and employees have good working relationships with one another, it is beneficial to everyone. Workers may feel a sense of satisfaction with their job, while employers may realize increased profits due to better employee performance, However, if employer-employee relations sour due to disputes in the workplace, there could be negative consequences.

A Georgia employment lawyer could help you take measures to prevent employer-employee conflict. By working with an experienced business attorney, you could draft personnel policies that detail your and your employees’ responsibilities to each another, minimizing the risk of future disputes. If you are currently dealing with a disagreement, our firm could also help you negotiate a settlement or litigate an employment claim.

What Preventative Measures can you Take to Avoid Employer-Employee Conflicts?

Engaging in employment disputes wastes valuable time and resources that could be used to improve the company. So, as a business owner, it is in your best interest to implement measures that prevent conflict and ease the de-escalation process.

Drafting Comprehensive Workplace Policies and Procedures

Drafting comprehensive workplace policies and procedures could drastically reduce the likelihood of employment-related conflict within your company. When these types of documents and contracts are executed properly, employees are aware of their workplace rights and obligations. Additionally, establishing internal mechanisms through which employees may assert their rights if they feel mistreated can help your workers feel safe.

It is best to retain an attorney familiar with state employment laws when drafting your business’s official policies and procedures. Legal counsel could help you unambiguously outline each party’s rights and responsibilities and create internal grievance procedures that address issues before they evolve into full-fledged disputes.

A lawyer could also work with employers to provide employees with adequate training on those policies and procedures.

Common Types of Employment Claims in Georgia

Despite having strong policies, state and federal law permit employees to file legal claims against their employers if they feel their rights are not being respected. Situations that may lead to an employment claim include:

  • Workplace discrimination based on race, gender, color, national origin, race, age, or disability
  • Illegal hiring practices
  • Employer retaliation
  • Wrongful termination
  • Wage and hour violations
  • Breach of contract
  • Family and Medical Leave Act violations

A skilled lawyer could represent you are an employee filing a claim against your employer or a business owner defending an allegation of employment misconduct. Our legal team is prepared to support you throughout your case and help you come to a swift resolution.

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At Sparks Law, we could work with employers to devise clear workplace policies and procedures and provide training to employees to inform them of their rights. We could also defend your interests during the litigation process.

Regardless of your status as an employee or employer, a Georgia employment lawyer could help you avoid workplace conflict and provide you with competent legal counsel should you become involved in a legal dispute. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and discuss your case with our legal team.