Georgia Collections Services Lawyer

If you are a Georgia business owner, you probably dread collecting clients’ and customers’ overdue debts. Maybe you’ve tried sending friendly reminder letters, paying for an attorney to threaten and instigate litigation, and even selling the debt to a collection agency at a steep discount. However, there is a better way.

At Sparks Law, our experienced Georgia collections services lawyers can work with you to implement a seamless program designed to save you time and money. Our solution saves time because debtors remain in one system until the debt is satisfied. It saves money because the debt is not sold for pennies on the dollar to a collection agency or outsourced to attorneys who must take the time to familiarize themselves with your problem. Keep reading or call our seasoned legal team today to learn more.

Legal Tools for Resolving Collections Actions

Businesses looking for a swift resolution of their collection woes should first consider the type of debt and debtor involved. A debtor who is facing sudden financial hardship but still attempting to make payments should be handled differently than a debtor avoiding the creditor at all costs.

A skilled lawyer at our firm can assess your situation and determine an appropriate strategy for the situation. This might involve renegotiating terms in some cases or immediately filing lawsuits in others. Other legal tools our collections services lawyers might employ include:

  • Completing a UCC-1 filing with Georgia as notice that the creditor has a financial claim to the debtor’s assets
  • Drafting appropriate documents to debtors, such as friendly reminders, default letters, intentions to commence litigation, and actual lawsuits
  • Perfecting judgments by locating debtors’ assets and attaching them with a lien filed in Georgia superior court
  • For breaches of contracts or promissory notes, assessing a party’s ability to pay and seeking payment from a guarantor if necessary
  • Instigating foreclosure proceedings on real property

At Sparks Law, our legal toolbox is more comprehensive than a collection agency that relies exclusively on letters and phone calls until finally deciding whether to back off or file a lawsuit. Because our attorneys customize the collections procedure for clients, we can resolve debts much quicker than other agencies.

Additionally, our knowledgeable legal team understands the nuanced collections laws and can help prevent costly mistakes. For example, a lawyer would know that a judgment lien cannot be used if the debt instrument is a promissory note, according to Georgia Code Section 9-12-91.

Delinquent Account Warning Signs

If an account becomes delinquent, there are several signs that should alert a business owner that it’s time to call an attorney. Seek legal counsel if:

  • The debtor is not returning phone calls
  • The debtor’s principals no longer work for the company
  • The debtor relocates
  • The debtor’s checks bounce or the debtor changes banking institutions frequently
  • The debtor is subject to lawsuits, including divorce

Once a creditor notices these warning signs, our persistent Georgia collection attorneys can use all legal means to locate the debtor and ensure a speedy resolution.

Federal and State Protection for Consumers

Collections activities are governed by the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which protects customers who owe money to merchants from abusive or deceptive collection attempts.

Under the Georgia Industrial Loan Act, customers who borrow less than $3,000 from a business are further protected. However, customers still owe the debts they incur. Our experienced collections services attorneys understand the legal nuances in these cases and can take appropriate and effective action.

Calling a Georgia Collections Services Attorney is a Smart Move

Collecting overdue debts from customers and clients can eat into your profits and take precious time away from other business activities. Trying to do it yourself, contracting a collection agency, or selling the debt is inefficient and costly. When it comes to your company getting paid, our seasoned business attorneys have programs to assist in your efforts in collections. From friendly reminder letters to default letters to litigation, we work with our clients to implement a mix of techniques to get you paid as efficiently as possible.

At Sparks Law, our Georgia collections services lawyers can be a business asset to you because we can tailor a program to suit your needs. To resolve your case, we will employ all legal tactics, including litigation, liens, foreclosure, demand letters, and renegotiation of contracts. For a timely solution to your collection needs, call our office today.