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Mr. Sparks has helped my company with multiple projects and is truly a credit to his profession. He was always very communicative during the process and did an excellent job in all respects. I highly recommend his services.

- Jason Barta

I work with a number of fine attorneys and use their services. For my business, I have used Jonathan Sparks on five different occasions, as he provides good counsel, prompt service and reasonable rates. Jonathan has a meticulous approach to contract law, which is something you need in today’s litigious society. Recently he provided clear advice on a business and an ethical question I posed. After our meeting, it was clear the direction I should take. I fully recommend!

- Zane Kinney

Sparks Law Firm is the epitome of “tailored templates for success”. Not only do they have the ability to quickly assess the broad scope of your business goal, but they are able to work with you quickly to assess those goals at a high level (that would be the template). Once that’s established and have the framework set up, they then dig deep to identify, tweak, and fine tune the approach required in order to deliver exactly what you need. The no muss no fuss upfront pricing also kept me ahead of knowing exactly what the expectations were for me and my business. Outstanding work and I look forward to conducting more business with you guys!

- Jon Anderson

Last year, I needed an entertainment attorney to guide me through some legal matters as an heir to my parents’ estate. It was difficult to analyze, and I needed someone who could help me comprehend and advise me as to what needed to be done and the best way to proceed. Jonathan Sparks is extremely professional, knowledgeable, detailed oriented, and a man of integrity. He treated me with the utmost respect. I highly recommend the Sparks Law Practice. Their rates are acceptable and their customer service is outstanding. My experience exceeded all my expectations.

- Shelby Grandma

Extremely helpful and thorough in taking care of my legal needs. I would highly recommend their services.

- Damond Grimaldi

Working with Sparks Law is a blessing. Having a legal firm that you trust to take care of your business and assets with trust and integrity is rare. The peace of mind that Sparks Law brings to myself, my business and the clients I gladly refer to them is priceless; however, knowing neither is going to be gauged in the process even better. I did not think I would ever find anyone who ran their firm the way I run my design firm, with integrity, responsibility and fair, reasonable pricing – – well Sparks Law is here, and I am so glad! Thanks for your level of quality and service. RSZ w/ RSZ Interiors.

- Rosa Zimmerman