Negotiating Mergers in Alpharetta

When two sides are working towards a merger, there is a lot of back and forth at every stage of the process. Negotiating mergers in Alpharetta often involves long deliberation sessions or multiple offers and counteroffers.

Because there are so many factors to consider, it is essential to work with an experienced mergers lawyer to fairly represent your side. The attorneys at Sparks Law can help ensure that you are getting what you want out of the deal by interpreting the legal minutia and writing contracts that accurately represent your goals.

Writing and Re-Writing Merger Contracts

It is crucial to have an attorney write the merger contract to protect against any hidden loopholes. Typically, both sides will have their own lawyer edit and redline the proposed merger contracts. This document goes back and forth until it is fully hashed out.

The reason for all the revisions is that there are many provisions in a merger agreement that business owners may overlook. For example, what would happen if one of the partners to the newly merged company passes away? What if they need to go take care of a family member in another state, and cannot work for the company during that time? The merger lawyers at our Alpharetta office are skilled at considering every possible provision and negotiating solutions for these scenarios.

Going through these contingencies beforehand is crucial to avoiding future confusion and disputes down the line. If one of these events occur, there is a tendency for people to argue and only look after their own interests without a predetermined agreement.

Types of Merger Negotiation Procedures

A seasoned lawyer might assist with one of multiple negotiation tactics depending on the companies going into the Alpharetta merger and what they prefer. Often, these cases involve a hybrid of multiple types of negotiation. Some of the merger may be negotiated through joint deliberation, which involves discussing in real time or in person. Some may be negotiated with offers and counteroffers going back and forth between the lawyers. Our Alpharetta attorneys are skilled at representing clients in both merger negotiation procedures.

Red Flags when Negotiating an Alpharetta Merger

There are several red flags that our local attorneys look out for when discussing a merger on behalf of a client. One major warning sign is if the partners for the proposed merged company have very different personalities or ways of doing business. Without clearly defined roles, their differences may prevent them from working together successfully.

In these cases, our lawyers will often delineate the major managerial tasks for the newly merged company. For example, each business owner may get decision-making power over half of the managerial tasks of the newly merged company. This proactive strategy prevents future conflicts after the merger is complete.

Work with an Alpharetta Lawyer when Negotiating Mergers

The interests of a business entity will vary drastically for each individual case, so it is important to work with the right lawyer who will tailor a strategy for your needs. For pre-merger companies, an attorney might try to maximize the amount of money or write-offs that you get out of the deal. When representing post-merged entities, our lawyers want to ensure that your business is successful and will focus on the best interests of the fully merged company.

Lawyers have a duty to legally represent the best interests of their client. Because the attorney of the opposing side will work to maximize their benefits, it is important for you to have strong, well-practiced legal representation as well. At Sparks Law, our attorneys have a track record of successfully negotiating mergers in Alpharetta. Call us today to learn more about how we can benefit you and your business.