Alpharetta Real Estate Lawyer

Parties looking to buy or sell real estate may require the help of an experienced attorney. At the basic level, real estate transactions must comply with all relevant local, state, and federal laws. Failure to comply with these laws may make new property owners liable for significant fees and penalties or could result in disputed ownership of property in the future.

An Alpharetta real estate lawyer at Sparks Law could take the lead in facilitating a sale by performing a title search and investigating whether easements impact an owner. Our legal team could also work to learn what matters to you in the sale and push for those provisions to be present in a purchase/sale agreement. We are also here to protect your rights in the future if a dispute arises concerning the contract.

Representing Buyers when Looking to Purchase Real Estate

Buying a home or a commercial location can be a stressful process. For the most part, the burden lies on a buyer to properly research the land, determine what provisions they want to be in a purchase/sale agreement, and perform the necessary due diligence. It is understandable to want assistance with this process.

A real estate attorney could help buyers in Alpharetta to cover their bases and protect their legal rights. This includes researching the seller’s ability to sell the land and whether any easements or other limitations will flow to the new owner. A lawyer’s role is also to negotiate and draft the necessary contract, as well as protect a party’s rights to receive what they bargained for in the purchase. This could entail pursuing breach of contract cases in civil court within the four-year statute of limitations under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 11-2-725.

Helping Sellers to Transfer Alpharetta Property to Other Parties

Traditionally, much of the leg work that is involved in the transfer of real estate lies on the buyer. However, sellers also need to be sure to protect their legal rights and fight for the terms that are best for them.

A key example is the rules concerning sellers’ disclosures. A seller has a duty under the law to disclose any latent or material defect that would cause the buyer to reconsider the purchase or negotiate for a lower price. Completing these documents is one way in which a local real estate attorney could help.

A lawyer could also represent sellers looking to negotiate a better price or closing date. Real estate contracts are always the result of negotiation, and any reasonable buyer must be willing to be somewhat flexible. A skilled lawyer in the area could take the lead in forming final versions of real estate contracts.

Let an Alpharetta Real Estate Attorney Guide You

Purchasing or selling real estate is a major financial milestone. Whether this property is a family home or a location for a new business, it is essential to approach the situation with confidence and competence. An attorney could help parties to avoid any disputes concerning ownership of the land as well as negotiate for a better price or quicker closing.

An Alpharetta real estate lawyer could provide these services and work to represent your best interests throughout the transaction. At Sparks Law, our legal team is also experienced in holding parties accountable if they breach the purchase/sale agreement after signing the contract. Contact our firm today to discuss how we could help in your unique situation.