Real Estate Investments in Alpharetta

Investing in real estate can be a profitable business or a hobby. You can develop land, lease commercial buildings, or rent homes to others. To help you build a substantial portfolio and ensure success in your real estate ventures, the skilled attorneys at Sparks Law offer various services.

If you are exploring a land or building purchase, our legal team is experienced in handling real estate investments in Alpharetta. We are here to explain how you can reduce your risks and attain your goals in this exciting industry.

A Primary Residence Can Be Basis for Building Wealth

The biggest asset for most people is their primary residence, which can hedge against inflationary rents. Property also usually appreciates, turning a profit when a homeowner decides to sell.

Investing in a first or subsequent home can be a highly successful venture with the help of a real estate lawyer at our Alpharetta office. Our attorneys could explain creditworthiness, help secure mortgage loans at favorable rates, and assist with reviewing and drafting sale contracts.

Leasing to Others in Residential or Commercial Buildings

Real estate investments can be as small as purchasing a home to rent out for profit or as large as buying commercial buildings that will be leased to businesses or apartments that will be rented to tenants. Tracts of land can also be a good investment because they can be developed or held until someone else wants them for development.

Types of Tenants and Leases in Alpharetta

Leases govern residential and commercial tenants. Residential tenants live on the property and sign a lease that specifies rent and how long they are permitted to live there. A lease could also contain other covenants that govern the property’s safety and use.

Commercial leases are also for specific terms and monthly payments but usually include a percentage of the business’s profits paid to the landlord. The more a tenant’s business grows, the more the real estate investor’s profits grow. A local real estate investment attorney can be a crucial resource when dealing with evictions, tenant rights, disputes, and lawsuits.

Other Services a Property Investment Attorney Can Provide

Real estate investors can take a passive stance and just let their holdings grow, or they can actively manage holdings, acting as landlords, developers, or project managers. Either way, legal expertise can be essential. A lawyer who focuses on Alpharetta real estate investments can:

  • Negotiate real estate purchases, including the contract terms, and fight for the best deal for a client
  • Form business entities if the investment is in commercial property and will be secured by a mortgage (only businesses can finance commercial property)
  • Review title documents, deed and zoning restrictions, insurance requirements, and property taxes
  • Draft leases and other contracts with employees or independent contractors hired to improve the property
  • Lobby the proper authorities for zoning changes or gas and mineral leases when appropriate
  • Mount a strong defense for clients embroiled in lawsuits

Once real estate investments take off, there are many required tasks to manage a person’s holdings. Our firm not only assists with legal services essential to building wealth but also provides the services needed to maintain it. The attorneys at our Alpharetta office help clients manage their real estate investments and advise them on selling when the time is right.

Call an Alpharetta Lawyer for Guidance on Real Estate Investments

The legal team at Sparks Law understands what it takes to successfully purchase a primary residence or negotiate commercial financing for a multi-million-dollar office complex. Legal help is available from the time you purchase to the day you sell your real estate investments.

Our experienced attorneys are ready to assist you with locating, financing, developing, or selling your property, both residential and commercial. Real estate investments in Alpharetta are a proven way to build wealth. Call us today to discuss how you can get started or expand your holdings.