Non-Disclosure Disputes in Atlanta

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are common contracts in business, which also makes them a common source of legal disputes. Most employment contracts for both W2 employees and independent contractors will contain some sort of non-disclosure agreement. If there is ever an issue with the terms of an employment contract, an employer may be able to sue for a breach of the non-disclosure agreement.

However, disputes may arise if there is a breach of a non-disclosure agreement. Disclosure of confidential information can seriously hurt your business, so it is important to consult an experienced attorney if you suspect a violation of your contract. For dedicated representation when dealing with non-disclosure disputes in Atlanta, speak with the legal team at Sparks Law.

Basics of an NDA

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a way of protecting confidential information and intellectual property. These could include business secrets, trade secrets, vendor lists, contractor information, or price points. Many companies have their employees sign NDAs as part of their employment contracts. Any business procedures, employee handbooks, internal documents, or material written for the company could be protected by an NDA.

These clauses are common in employment contracts but can also be used for investment opportunities or between potential business partners. For instance, parties deciding whether to do a merger or acquisition will need to learn various forms of information about the other entity. An NDA allows both sides to explore whether the potential business combination is advantageous without risk that their confidential information will be used against them.

Reasons for Non-Disclosure Disputes

A company’s business plan could be a source of a non-disclosure agreement dispute. For instance, say that a company is looking to acquire another business or relocate in six months. Their competitor could benefit from this information, so it is important to protect a company plan with an NDA.

Similarly, a business could be undercut by their competitor if an employee discloses their vendor list or price points. The experienced lawyers at our Atlanta office could help enforce a company’s non-disclosure agreements and take legal action against any breaches.

Evidence in a Non-Disclosure Dispute

There are various types of information that our skilled attorneys typically look for in a non-disclosure agreement dispute. These may include:

  • Customer lists
  • Vendor lists
  • Price points
  • Business processes
  • Employee handbooks
  • Compensation for employees
  • Taxes
  • Trade secrets

Disclosing any of the material listed above could constitute a breach of an NDA. However, it can be difficult to prove a breach in a non-disclosure dispute without legal assistance. The dedicated attorneys at Sparks Law could investigate a non-disclosure case and gather evidence of the breach, such as emails, text messages, or other forms of communication. We could then apply our knowledge of the applicable laws in seeking legal recourse for the breach of contract.

Work with an Atlanta Attorney for Non-Disclosure Disputes

Your company has non-disclosure agreements to protect your hard work and valuable information. However, if an employee, potential business partner, or other party discloses your business secrets, you may need to take legal action to prevent further harm to your company.

Retain a lawyer with experience handling non-disclosure disputes in Atlanta. At Sparks Law, our legal team is prepared to advocate on your behalf throughout negotiations or litigation to resolve this issue. Contact us today for a consultation.