At Sparks Law, we are passionate about helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams and we offer creative legal ideas that spark the entrepreneurial fire. As business lawyers, we believe that entrepreneurs are a source of creativity and ambition that is vital to the success of the world, helping to drive progress and innovation forward. That is why we are proud to sponsor our Entrepreneurial Spark Nomination to help launch entrepreneurial endeavors.

Through our Entrepreneurial Spark Nomination, we will award one individual our Total Business Package worth $2,000 which includes LLC Set Up and Trademark Analysis and Application, to fund their ideas and launch their entrepreneurial dreams.We want to hear in detail about your or a loved one’s entrepreneurial endeavors or ideas and why you believe it could make a positive difference in the world. We want to hear how the entrepreneurial idea is innovative, how it was thought of, and how you think it would be beneficial to others.

It is our hope that this nomination sparks the entrepreneurial spirit that lives in each and every one of us and helps you to follow your dreams. Please fill out the form below to nominate yourself or an entrepreneur that you know. We will be accepting nominations from now until midnight on Tuesday, August 31, 2021. We look forward to hearing about all the amazing entrepreneurial ideas you have and hope to help launch your goals.

Nomination Form: