Georgia Copyright Lawyer

copyright lawTechnically, anytime we create something, we own the Copyright to it automatically; there is no need to file for a Copyright. But if there’s any doubt in your mind—and there should be—as to who created your material, or who could try and claim that they own your material, it is well worth getting it Copyrighted with the help of an intellectual property lawyer. Here are just a few of the benefits of working with a Georgia Copyright lawyer to protect your materials:

  • Copyrights do not cost much. While a typical patent can cost you upwards of $40,000, a simple Copyright should cost you less than $250 (lawyer fees included).
  • Copyrights last. Unlike Design Patents, which—if awarded—only protect you for 14 years, Copyrights last for the entire life of the author, plus seventy years! Additionally, large companies with lucrative copyrights—like Disney, who really want their copyrights to the original Mickey Mouse cartoons to last—are constantly pushing Congress to make Copyrights last even longer. Without an extension, the original Mickey Mouse cartoons would have entered the public domain decades ago.

How Does Copyright Law Affect the Work-for-Hire System?

Copyright law has developed a work-for-hire system where ownership of a Copyright passes immediately from the actual creator of the work to the person hiring the artist. As you can imagine, this is a very common situation.

In the music industry, for example, professional hired-gun studio musicians will contribute their creative ideas to the song(s) they’re recording for the artist. Because the musician is “hired to play on the track,” he or she loses all rights to the—normally Copyrighted—material created; the rights are passed to the person hiring the musician. An attorney familiar with Copyright law can inform you of how certain legislation applies to your work.

Protect Your Work with the Help of a Georgia Copyright Attorney

If you have copyrightable work (books, artwork, music, games, etc.) protecting your material is always the right choice. It’s easy to have done, low cost, and gives you broad protection. Get in touch with a Georgia Copyright lawyer today to get started.