Georgia Licensing & Infringement Lawyer

Most companies have some type of intellectual property, be it patents, trademarks, or copyrights. A Georgia licensing and infringement lawyer can help you create agreements to identify and set the boundaries for who can use that valuable intellectual property and when.

Common Examples of License Infringement

While there are many scenarios when drafting a proper licensing agreement with an attorney is necessary, here are a few example situations where they pop up:

  • If your website, promotional materials, or products use photos of other people, stock photos, any photos that you are not the author of, or even a photo with an image of someone else’s trademark or copyrighted material in the image itself, you need a licensing agreement. These allow your company to use that intellectual property without infringing.
  • If your company needs to use certain intellectual property that is not owned by your company. For example, if there’s a trademark that you’d really like to use on your product that is already registered by another company. As long as your business doesn’t directly compete with them, other companies will often be willing to make a deal with you, wherein they grant you a limited license to use their trademark for your business.
  • Often, companies are structured in such a way as to include multiple sub-companies owned by an umbrella company. If the sub-companies own any intellectual property that the umbrella company is using, there needs to be an agreement in place between the companies so that the umbrella company is not infringing. This becomes especially important if that sub-company has different owners or might be sold to a third party. Similarly, if the sub-company is sued for infringement and loses, a proper agreement between the sub-company and the umbrella company may indemnify the umbrella company so that the infringing use of the mark doesn’t open up the umbrella company to the same amount of liability.
  • Most companies use copyrighted material in some capacity, such as the music played in their restaurant or on their website, or even referring to other copyrighted material such as movies, artwork, or music. This use requires that a proper licensing agreement be in place.

Retain a Georgia Licensing & Infringement Attorney

If you need help protecting your intellectual property, call a Georgia licensing and infringement lawyer as soon as possible.