Johns Creek Employment Contracts Lawyer

Employers know that misunderstandings can arise when employees do not understand what is expected of them or what they will receive in return for their loyalty and hard work. As such, employers should negotiate and implement contracts for their employees.

When you hire strategic employees, a Johns Creek employment contracts lawyer could memorialize the terms both parties agree to. Help from a skilled attorney at Sparks Law can go a long way toward forging a positive working relationship.

Employment Agreements Feature Duties and Benefits for Both Parties

Contracts are legally binding documents in which the employee and employer forego something of value to get something else of value. For instance, employees give up their valuable services in exchange for money, which employers give up. Both parties to an employment contract have rights and responsibilities that, if ignored, can lead to dismissal or lawsuits.

The basics in an employment agreement include the employee’s salary, benefits, and what the employee is expected to accomplish on the job. These agreements are in effect for a specified period and often can be renewed if the parties are happy with each other. Other elements of employment agreements could include:

  • Restrictive covenants that stop employees from competing, sharing company information, or disparaging the company if they leave their employ
  • A probation period in which the parties get to know each other and can terminate the relationship quickly if it does not work out
  • How employers will conduct performance reviews
  • Grounds for termination and return of company property
  • Whether disputes will be handled by mediation or arbitration and in what venue
  • Termination language, whether for cause or by a layoff or how an employee resigns

Many states, including Georgia, have at-will employment laws. This means an employer does not need to offer a reason when terminating an employee. The at-will status is altered with an employment agreement, which benefits an employee because the agreement terms prevail over the at-will statutes. For example, if an employment contract is in place for two years, terminating the employee without cause, also explained in the agreement, could mean the employer will have to buy out the remainder of the contract or face litigation for a breach.

Federal Law Affects Agreements in Johns Creek

Federal laws also come into play when drafting employment agreements. For instance, offering a contract to male managers but not to female managers could find an employer afoul of The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) because the policy affects a protected class and the employer’s action is not germane to the job. Our local attorneys understand federal and state laws when drafting employment agreements for clients.

Why an Employment Agreement Should be in Writing

Verbal agreements can lead to misunderstandings. Two people often do not remember discussions in the exact same way. Well-drafted agreements benefit both employers and employees because they clearly define what the parties intend.

Employees know what they will be paid and what they must do to earn that pay. They know what benefits they are entitled to and for how long they are employed before renewal.

Employers know what to expect from employees with whom they contract. The instructions in the contract can settle any disputes without haggling or guessing. To avoid stressful litigation, contact a Johns Creek attorney to discuss the benefits of written employment contracts.

Speak to a Johns Creek Employment Contract Attorney

Employers usually negotiate employment agreements with key employees who offer specialized skills. Because these employees are crucial to how the company operates, all parties benefit from a contract spelling out benefits, responsibilities, and duties not to compete or disclose confidential company information.

A Johns Creek employment contract lawyer can new business documents and revise those you may already have in place. Call Sparks Law today to speak with a lawyer who understands the importance of peace of mind in the employer-employee relationship.