Johns Creek Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate transactions can be complicated legal matters, making it important to seek help from a skilled attorney. These proceedings involve researching the law, negotiating purchase/sale agreements, and ensuring that the other parties perform obligations according to the terms of the contract.

A Johns Creek real estate lawyer could help in each of these areas. At Sparks Law, our dedicated attorneys could work with buyers to perform a title search, identify any defects in the land, negotiate fair terms, and ensure that you receive what you pay for. We are also experienced in helping sellers draft contracts and ensure that the sale closes on the appropriate date.

Common Disputes During Real Estate Transactions in Johns Creek

Real estate transactions can involve immense amounts of money and represent a significant portion of a person’s net worth. Because of this, it is essential to ensure that these transactions occur according to an individual’s wishes and comply with the appropriate legal standards.

Many areas for dispute can arise during the negotiation of a sale. For example, a seller may purport to have the absolute right to sell land. However, research into that claim may reveal that the ownership of the land is in dispute. Similarly, third parties may claim a right of easement over the property that will transfer with ownership.

The other major source of disputes can be the price of the sale. This can include the final sale price, which party will pay closing costs, how and when the payment is to occur, and what items located on the property will be part of the transfer. A local real estate attorney at our firm could represent the interests of parties in the weeks and months leading up to a sale to ensure that a final agreement best reflects their wishes.

Working to Secure a Smooth Property Sale and Transition

Once the parties come to terms on a final sale, a Johns Creek real estate lawyer could work on drafting the necessary contracts and other paperwork. An attorney can ensure that the paperwork complies with all relevant local, state, and federal requirements to have full legal effect.

However, an attorney’s role does not end when the parties sign the contracts. In fact, our lawyers help many individuals who suspect that the other party has not fulfilled their obligations under the contract. This could involve various matters, such as a party’s failure to:

  • Promptly provide the correct payments
  • Provide the property in an acceptable condition
  • Disclose defects in the land

These issues may justify a breach of contract claim in civil court, which a Johns Creek real estate lawyer could help to prepare.

Reach Out to a Johns Creek Real Estate Attorney for Assistance

Purchasing or selling real estate is a significant financial transaction, so it is critical that you to take every step possible to protect your legal rights and fight for a fair price. Do not risk being taken advantage of by trying to take on these negotiations alone.

A Johns Creek real estate lawyer could help you pursue your ideal outcome whether you are looking to buy or sell land. Contact Sparks Law today to get the dedicated representation that you need.