Contract Dispute Trials in Atlanta

In Georgia, contract dispute cases are usually bench trials, meaning that judge decides the case rather than a jury. However, in either situation, it is crucial to properly prepare for the proceedings with a skilled attorney. These legal disputes require extensive experience and knowledge of the court system to attain a positive outcome.

If you are involved in a contractual matter, reach out to Sparks Law for advice. Our lawyers can explain what you need to know about contract dispute trials in Atlanta and tirelessly represent you at every step of the way.

Opening Statements in Contract Dispute Cases

Normally, the plaintiff makes the first opening statement in a contract dispute case. It is up to the plaintiff to convince the judge or jury of the merits of their case. An opening statement is essentially a synopsis of the case from each party’s perspective. As such, it is critical to work with a dedicated Atlanta attorney who could minimize unfavorable aspects and highlight favorable ones in a contract dispute case.

Contract Dispute Evidence at Trial

The type of evidence presented at trial will vary depending on the specific case. In a car accident case, a lawyer will present evidence of the injury. For a contract dispute trial, an attorney will present the contract itself as well as evidence of a breach.

If the agreement were made over text, a lawyer could present the message as evidence. For an oral agreement or promise, a plaintiff and their attorney may need to secure testimony evidence in a deposition or an affidavit. In a contract construction trial, an experienced attorney at our Atlanta office could present testimony from expert witnesses, pictures, photos, or schematics of the faulty construction. Any evidence related to the breach could be useful in presenting a strong case for the judge or jury.

Witnesses in Atlanta Contract Lawsuits

Witnesses are common in contract lawsuits and often provide much of the evidence for the case. For example, if the plaintiff maintains that the defendant promised them something, the plaintiff must testify on what they witnessed. This testimonial could be under a deposition or an affidavit or even in person at a hearing if the case progresses to trial.

However, because the plaintiff is going to be biased, the judge or jury will take that into account when evaluating the weight and value of their testimony. As such, testimony from an unbiased third party who witnessed the agreement may be more valuable. A knowledgeable lawyer in the area could further advise on preparing witness testimonials for a contract dispute trial.

Common Types of Witnesses for Contractual Matters

In contract disputes, it is common to have other employees as witnesses. These cases may also involve professional witnesses, or people who are experts on a certain subject matter.

For instance, say that a contract dispute involves the construction of a wall. A professional witness may need to explain how these types of walls are normally treated by construction companies and whether the construction company should have inspected the issue at hand. A professional witness will explain what a construction company should reasonably be expected to do in this scenario.

The judge or jury will render their verdict based on what is considered reasonable. Oftentimes, these cases lead to a battle of the experts, meaning that multiple expert witnesses are saying different things. It comes down to which of the professional witnesses the judge or jury believes more.

Call an Atlanta Lawyer for Representation at Contract Dispute Trials

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