Settling Atlanta Contract Disputes

There are many pros of settling a contract dispute case. Most importantly, a settlement means that you have a conclusion and a result. You know exactly how much the case is going to cost you or how much you are going to get paid. Ongoing disputes are much more unpredictable and make it difficult to move forward with your life.

If you are dealing with contractual issues, it is best to contact an experienced attorney and discuss your options for achieving an optimal outcome. At Sparks Law, our lawyers are skilled at settling Atlanta contract disputes and can advise you in your case.

Costs of Settling a Contractual Dispute

Normally, legal fees to resolve a contract dispute in court could easily cost $50,000 if not $100,000 just for the attorney’s law firm fees. Settling outside of court typically only costs 10-20% of that amount in attorney’s fees.

In a settlement, each side’s lawyers will usually account for these savings in legal costs. They might reduce or increase the settlement amount accordingly and share the saved fees. This saves money and stress for everyone involved.

Waiver of Future Claims for Atlanta Contract Settlements

Settling a contract dispute often involves a waiver of future claims, which essentially means that the case is over. This waiver may also have an NDA confidentiality agreement attached to it. Both parties can go about their lives as if nothing happened.

With litigation, it is common for the court to only resolve a portion of the dispute. Typically, a court judge will not order someone to refrain from bashing the other party online or on social media. This can lead to future disputes. However, as an experienced local attorney can explain, a contract dispute settlement can avoid these issues through a confidentiality agreement.

How Can an Attorney Help with Contract Settlements?

An attorney at our firm can explain the pros and cons of settling as well as the risks and strengths of their legal case against the other party. Our legal team is here to provide dedicated counsel for contract disputes and settlements in Atlanta. A good lawyer can put things into perspective for those involved in contractual disagreements and help them consider their options moving forward.

A legal case typically has a winner and a loser—it is a gamble. Additionally, many contracts in the United States have a winnings clause, which reimburses the victor for all their attorney’s fees. At our Atlanta office, our skilled attorneys can evaluate a contract dispute case and weigh the risks of litigating in court versus pursuing a settlement.

Contact a Skilled Atlanta Lawyer for Settling Contract Disputes

There are many hidden costs to litigating a contractual disagreement, including time, stress, and attorney’s fees. In these situations, it is best to consult someone who focuses on these types of cases.

At Sparks Law, our attorneys have significant experience settling Atlanta contract disputes. We are here to advise you on the strengths of your case and help you determine the most advantageous option for pursuing a resolution. Our dedicated lawyers can fight tirelessly for your interest and represent you in court or at the negotiation table. Contact us today to get started.