Are You An Amateur Or Professional?

amateur or professional

What is the Difference Between an Amateur and a Professional?

The definition of an amateur is a person considered contemptibly inept at a given activity. The definition of a professional is a competent, skillful and assured human being. So, I ask you are you an amateur or are you a professional?

At Sparks Law we are professionals and the meaning of Sparks Law, or the essence of it is to bring professionals to businesses and stem the tide of amateur, Mad Libs, fill-in-the-blank template, non-attorney, amateur hour, junk artificial-excuse for intelligence legal services.

Services Many Business Owners Use at Their Own Peril

When Sparks Law got started, we had one client. He was an Angel Investor; he was in a situation where the other side had used Legal Zoom for something like $250 dollars to give them a promissory note. The problem was that Legal Zoom had pulled one of their templates from the wrong side. The promissory note was egregiously in favor of my client the Angel Investor, and in fact, already had them in breach of their agreement and liable to be forced to sell their home to my client for a thousand dollars.  (This is not an exaggeration)

Therefore, it is so vital to use a Professional Lawyer. Businesses are headed into these situations all the time. Currently I am reading the book “The Death of the Professions” It’s a horror story and most of what is has said has actually come to pass.

The sole purpose of Sparks Law is so that my team of professionals can save business owners. Professionals that can be relied on. Professionals that can work magic. At Sparks Law we do things for our clients that we know they don’t always understand and the services we provide are worth every penny.

Executing Contracts

When you find a professional, you hold tight to them. For most professionals, most business owners don’t even realize that not everyone is a professional. They just assume that their contracts are not enforceable, and their trademarks can and will be stolen. They assume that doing business means at some point you could just lose everything because a business partner screwed up or embezzled. It is up to the professional to actively teach our clients exactly what it means to have a team of professionals to assist you in your business.  When you have a team of professionals behind you, you get to write the rules of how you will do business, with customer contracts that give you a slam-dunk case against them the instant your client decides not to pay.

The Same Goes for Employee Contracts

For key personnel, employee contracts are crucial. These contracts prevent them from taking your client list to competitors and reselling it and or your trade secrets along with your business model. We write employee handbooks that powerfully connect your company culture to a binding legal document that you can act on. We also handle brand protection, commercial litigation for breach of contracts and trademark prosecution and enforcement.

Partnership agreements that fit your actual partnership that you agree to do business with. These are not just some fill-in-the -blank template. We do buy-sell agreements that don’t give the farm away to our partners X-spouse. Mergers and Acquisitions that grievance that when you buy a business, you’re not left holding the bag when you find out that they cooked the books.

Work With a Legal Professional at Sparks Law

At Sparks Law we do all this, we do business law and we do it professionally.