Do. Have. Understand.

pink wall with a black frame. inside the frame are tile letters that spell out "do it now"

Your subconscious does not want you to succeed. It wants everything to be just like it’s “always been,” regardless of how much you loved or hated your life. The subconscious’s position is to always keep the status quo because the status quo feels safe and comfortable (if not a boring descent into ennui). Recognize this and keep it in mind at all times—ask yourself, “Is this my creative thinking or is this my subconscious trying to mess everything up?” If there’s any doubt, it’s probably your subconscious, and you should tell it to shut up.

Do. Have. Understand. This is really the reverse order of things if you consider what we are taught all our lives. School and all of society teaches us that you can’t do something until you “have the tools,” and you can’t “have the tools” until you fully understand them. This is a horrible way of thinking, though. I’m sure this way of thinking has hindered bazillions of would-be-entrepreneurs around the world.

Do the Thing

When you have a great idea, your subconscious will probably step in soon afterward and say something like, “Okay bub, that’s enough dreamy-dreaming. None of that will work until you UNDERSTAND everything.” But the truth is that you will never understand something until you have done it.

That whole 20/20 retrospect thing is spot on. We just assume that somehow, we can go to a fairyland school and take some magic lesson then have 20/20 forward-spect as well. In reality, 20/20 is retrospect because once you’ve done it, you fully understand it—then and only then.

Have it First, Then You’ll Understand

Just because you think you understand the field you want to go into does not mean you will automatically acquire everything you want. Even with a degree from a prestigious university, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll have the lavish life you always expected. You can’t understand it until you have it. And you can’t have the life until you do what you need to do to make the life you want happen.

Seriously, Do It

The second you have an idea, know that it is within your grasp immediately. Ignore all the doubts and the excuses and the what-ifs. The truth is you’re far more scared of success than you are of failure. Remember how awesome you felt about that great idea before your subconscious stepped in? Your subconscious is terrified of your own success.

How do you do it? You do it. You have what you want by doing it first. You understand it all once you have it all, and you have it all once you do it all. So, stop reading this blog and DO IT.

You will run into minor speed bumps along the way, but you can get over those speed bumps and meet your goals. Stop demanding the understanding and stop demanding the having. If you’re not actively chasing your dreams every day, you won’t have what you want, and you won’t understand. Do it.