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Although most employees do not work under the terms of written agreements, you should consider using these documents when hiring management positions and employees with unique skills. Under Connecticut law, these contracts must specify the end date for the employment term, offering peace of mind to both employers and contracted employees. Employees know they have a job for a certain period if they do not breach the agreement, and employers do not have to worry about employees suddenly resigning.

Connecticut is an at-will state in which employers do not have to give a reason for dismissal and can dismiss an employee at any time. However, an employment agreement changes that status by specifying terms under which employees can be terminated. If you are interested in learning more about the value of written agreements to bind some employees, speak with a knowledgeable attorney at our firm. At Sparks Law, a Connecticut employment contracts lawyer is here to discuss your needs.

Common Reasons for Terminating Employees Under Contract

Employment contracts should outline employees’ job duties, salary, and length of employment. Since contracted employees cannot be terminated at will, it is also crucial to include the reasons why they can be dismissed before the term is up. Some common reasons include:

  • Failure to perform job duties satisfactorily
  • Commission of a felony or crimes of moral turpitude
  • Excessive absence from work
  • Improper conduct such as violent behavior, harassing or discriminating against others
  • An ownership change, bankruptcy, or material change in the business

Other reasons may be tailored to an employer’s needs, such as the failure of an employee to maintain a particular license. A skilled Connecticut attorney could discuss comprehensive employment agreements for key employees.

Elements of a Well-Written Employment Contract

Like all valid contracts, employment agreements require the parties to give up something of value to get something else of value. Employers give up money and offer benefits to gain employees beneficial to their businesses. Employees give up working somewhere else and contribute their skills to gain money and benefits.

If only one party to a contract gains something of value, the courts will rule the contract invalid. A dedicated lawyer can help draft enforceable agreements for Connecticut employers and employees.

Other Important Aspects of Employment Agreements in Connecticut

The more details that are included in employment agreements, the less likely it is that misunderstandings will arise. Employees should understand their benefits, responsibilities, how their performance will be evaluated, and why they can be terminated. Some agreements pre-determine whether disputes that do arise will be litigated, land in arbitration, or be heard by a mediator.

Restrictive Clauses in Employment Contracts

Additionally, restrictive clauses are standard, either as separate documents or covenants included in employment agreements. These include non-compete clauses, in which the employee is restricted by time and geography from working for the employer’s competitors after leaving the current company.

Employment contracts can also contain confidentiality clauses, also called non-disclosure clauses, that restrict an employee from talking about the company’s proprietary information. Some agreements contain non-solicitation clauses that restrict employees from luring customers or other employees away when they leave. A knowledgeable local attorney can further explain these potential elements of an employment contract.

Employment Agreements are Win-Win Propositions

Although at-will employment is appropriate for certain situations, employment agreements are far preferable for employees with special skills or management expertise. Both parties know how long the relationship will last and what duties they owe each other. Since the terms of a written agreement are negotiated and accepted, a contract can help prevent future misunderstandings. Each party can also hold the other accountable with court action, as a Connecticut employment agreement lawyer can explain.

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Businesses rely on and thrive with properly drafted contracts, and employment agreements are no exception. These agreements allow your business to retain the best talent for the positions you offer.

Let us help you develop agreements tailored to your business strategy and needs. The Connecticut employment contracts lawyers at Sparks Law are standing by to discuss these documents with you. Call today for your appointment.