Breach of Contract in Alpharetta

If the other party to your contract does not uphold the terms of your agreement, you may be able to pursue legal remedies for a breach. However, a plaintiff in these types of cases must prove various elements to achieve a successful outcome.

Building a strong claim requires legal knowledge and experience handling cases involving breach of contract in Alpharetta. If you are dealing with this kind of legal matter, reach out to the skilled lawyers at Sparks Law. We are here to offer dedicated guidance and tireless advocacy throughout the process.

Proving a Contractual Breach

A plaintiff needs to prove the allegations in their lawsuit and support their claims with evidence and application of the relevant laws. There are several steps in building a strong case for contractual breach, which a skilled attorney at our Alpharetta office could further explain.

Existence of the Contract

For one, they must prove that the contract existed. This may seem like an easy task for physical or electronic documents, but proving oral agreements can be more difficult. Without written documentation such as emails or texts, a plaintiff and any other third-party witnesses may need to testify to prove an oral agreement.

The Plaintiff Performed their Contractual Obligations

Usually, a plaintiff will prove that they perform their contractual obligations by showing a payment receipt. If the plaintiff is the consumer side of a business contract, then all that they need to do to perform is pay the other company. If the contract stipulates other terms that the plaintiff must comply with, they must prove that they upheld these responsibilities as well.

If the hired vendor is the plaintiff bringing the contract dispute claim, then the case may involve a field of law called substantial performance. This legal arena asks whether the breach is small and insignificant enough to still warrant payment from the customer. A knowledgeable contract breach attorney could further explain this concept in a consultation.

Proving Injury Due to Breach of Contract

Injuries in a breach of contract case are typically economic in nature. However, any consequence resulting from a contract breach could constitute an injury and warrant legal remedy. Proving injury is a crucial aspect of litigating a contract dispute, as an insignificant or unsubstantial breach may not lead to restitution for the plaintiff. Because these cases can be nuanced and involve complex laws, it is essential for anyone dealing with a contract breach in Alpharetta to consult a local attorney at our firm.

For instance, say that a person hires a builder to build their house. The builder finishes the project but uses slightly lower quality pipes than what they had initially agreed upon on the contract. The homeowner might argue that the pipes lower the value of the house, thus constituting an economic injury and breach of contract. The builder could defend their case by saying that the difference in piping is inconsequential and that they substantially performed their obligations under the contract.

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If the other party to your contract has not upheld their half of the agreement, or if you are accused of such, reach out to an experienced lawyer. Contract disputes can make for complicated legal matters, and it is best to work with an attorney who knows how to handle this area of law.

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