Legal Remedies for Alpharetta Contract Disputes

Contract disputes are common and require strategies for seeking legal remedies. The parties that write a contract can decide what legal remedy is appropriate in the event of a dispute, and they can write their decision into the contract. However, parties to a contract do not always anticipate disagreements. Without written stipulations for what to do in a contract dispute, the judge or jury would determine what the appropriate remedy is.

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Contract Reformation as a Legal Remedy

One potential legal remedy to a dispute is a contract reformation, or changing the contract as written to better reflect what the parties agreed on. For instance, say that the parties came up with contract terms over email and then formalized their agreement using an online template. This could mean that a breach of the original agreement (the one negotiated over email) is not considered a breach of the template they signed.

In this case, the party affected could sue to reform the contract and write it to better reflect their actual agreement. If they can prove to the court that the parties agreed on a different contract than the one they signed, the court may award reformation. However, many contracts include provisions against suing for reformation, so it is important to consult a skilled Alpharetta attorney on whether this legal remedy is available.

When is Contract Reformation the Appropriate Legal Remedy?

If two parties agree to one thing and sign a contract that is different from what they agreed on, reformation might be the appropriate legal remedy. This could occur because of a typo in the contract, for example. A lawyer experienced in handling contract cases in Alpharetta could advise on whether reformation is an appropriate legal remedy.

Specific Performance for Alpharetta Contracts

Specific performance is when the court orders a party to act and comply with the contractual terms. Although people often sue for specific performance, this remedy is rarely granted by the court. Instead, the court usually offers money damages rather than an action.

When is Specific Performance the Appropriate Legal Remedy?

Specific performance is an appropriate legal remedy in situations where it is necessary for a party to comply with the contractual terms. These cases usually deal with disclosing intellectual property.

For instance, say that an employee was given a valuable client list for their company, and then they are hired by a competitor that wants to steal those clients. In this case, the prior employer could sue for the employee to delete all the files from their prior job. This requires an immediate response from the court to prevent the disclosure of information, so suing for specific performance with a local attorney may be an appropriate legal remedy for the contract dispute.

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