Alpharetta Contract Dispute Litigation

There are various types of paperwork that a plaintiff must file to initiate a contract dispute case. Because this process can be complicated and time-consuming, it is critical to work with a lawyer skilled at handling Alpharetta contract dispute litigation. An experienced attorney makes their livelihood filing lawsuits and can help you avoid costly mistakes.

If you are considering pursuing legal action over a contractual dispute, reach out to Sparks Law today. We are here to help you at every step of the process, from filing the initial lawsuit to pursuing a settlement or presenting your case in court.

Filing a Contract Lawsuit in Alpharetta

There are three main tasks for a plaintiff and their local attorney when initiating a contract dispute lawsuit. These include:

  • Writing the lawsuit
  • Filing the lawsuit with the clerk
  • Filing service of process to have a marshal serve the defendant with the lawsuit

These papers typically must be filed in the defendant’s domicile, unless the contract at hand specifies a different location for lawsuits. There are also costs for filing contract litigation paperwork in Alpharetta or any other Georgia jurisdiction, as a lawyer in the area could explain.

Consequences of Incorrect Contract Litigation Paperwork

The consequences of inappropriately filing this paperwork are quite steep. A plaintiff risks losing their case, and if they lose their case, they will lose the right to ever bring the case again. Misfiling the case may allow the defendant lawyer to get the case thrown out. As such, it is critical to get legal assistance early in the contract litigation process.

Gathering Evidence for Contractual Dispute Lawsuits

When litigating a contract breach, a lawyer must review all the evidence that supports the allegation in the lawsuit. Combing through the evidence can be a time-consuming process, potentially involving multiple witnesses and countless documents, text messages, and emails. An attorney must also review the contract itself and the relevant laws for the situation at hand.

At this stage of the litigation process, our Alpharetta attorneys can be valuable allies for anyone dealing with a contract dispute. We are here to review the circumstances with the plaintiff and tell them exactly what sort of evidence they need to collect. This can be crucial in expediting the process and building a strong case for negotiation or trial.

When Can Parties Settle During Contract Dispute Litigation?

A settlement can happen at almost any point in a contract dispute case. Normally, settlements work as rounds of betting. The first round typically begins with a demand letter for breach of contract. If the other side digs their heels in or does not respond, the plaintiff may need to bring a lawsuit.

There are several other stages that could follow, including further settlement negotiations, a discovery phase, a motion for summary judgement, and finally, a trial. The parties could agree to settle at any stage of the contract litigation, although the longer the dispute continues, the less likely a settlement becomes.

Can Claims be Pursued after a Party Has Already Settled?

If the parties sign a settlement agreement, they must abide by its terms. This usually means that they cannot bring a lawsuit for the same case and, if there is a confidentiality clause, they may be unable to speak about the settlement as well. However, if someone breaches the agreement, this could give rise to a new breach of contract case. A well-practiced attorney at our Alpharetta office could advise on further contract dispute litigation after settling a case.

Discuss Contract Dispute Litigation with an Alpharetta Lawyer

If you wish to pursue legal action over a breach of contract, or if you have been served with a lawsuit, reach out to Sparks Law as soon as possible for help with your case. Our attorneys have extensive experience with Alpharetta contract dispute litigation, and we are here to put that knowledge to work for you. Give us a call today to set up a consultation about your specific situation.