Georgia Contract Disputes Lawyer

When people enter into a contract, it is assumed that both parties will not breach the agreed-upon terms. If one person believes that the other did not perform their side of the bargain, or if they disagree about the terms, this may lead to a contract dispute.

The skilled attorneys at Sparks Law commonly represent those involved in contract litigation. If another person has breached your agreement, or if you have been falsely accused of such, call a Georgia contract disputes lawyer at our firm.

What Types of Contracts can be Disputed in Georgia?

Technically, a contract does not have to be written to be involved in litigation. In practice, however, it is very difficult to enforce or bring a lawsuit for a contract unless the agreement is in writing.

That said, pretty much anything counts as writing these days. Text, SMS messages, or emails could all constitute a contract in writing. In one case, the Supreme Court even upheld an agreement written on a bar napkin. Writing down a contract, preferably with help from an experienced local attorney, is the best way of ensuring that it can be enforced should any disputes arise.

When Should I Contact a Contract Disputes Attorney?

If the value of a contract is under $3,000, it is not worth it to dispute the agreement with a lawyer. In these cases, the money that you spend on an attorney to enforce the agreement will cost you more than you will get back from the contract. However, if you are involved in a dispute over a contract worth well over $3,000, you should strongly consider speaking with a seasoned lawyer at our Alpharetta office.

Difficulties in Navigating Contract Disputes

Contract law is like a foreign language to most people. Without a vast legal background, it can be impossible to understand the terms and provisions, the consequences of agreeing to them, or the relevant laws should a breach occur. In these types of legal proceedings, you need a lawyer who focuses on contract disputes in Georgia to protect your best interests and walk you through the ropes.

Ideally, you should contact a knowledgeable attorney in your area when you are making any contract. Our legal team knows how to draft safe agreements that avoid future contract disputes. Even if you entered into an agreement without legal counsel, you should immediately reach out to one of our Alpharetta lawyers if you think there is any risk of a dispute. A well-practiced attorney may be able to salvage some of the contract and draft an amended version to prevent contentious legal battles.

Call a Georgia Contract Disputes Lawyer for Legal Guidance

Over 50 percent of all lawsuits and court proceedings in the United States are contract disputes. These cases are incredibly common and can also be incredibly complicated without the proper legal support.

The team at Sparks Law has represented thousands of businesses and written and reviewed tens of thousands of contracts. We have also dealt with countless contract disputes. That sheer experience gives us a unique perspective on all contract law, no matter what specific issue you are facing. If you are dealing with anything involving a legal agreement, speak with a Georgia contract disputes lawyer at our firm. Call us today to get started.