Legal Remedies for Georgia Contract Disputes

In a commercial contract dispute, legal remedies normally include compensatory or consequential damages. This refers to the actual damages that were inflicted upon the victim, giving rise to the lawsuit. However, some cases may involve punitive damages, which a jury awards to punish the defendant for egregious actions and deter similar behavior in the future.

If you are seeking damages for a breach of contract, work with a dedicated lawyer at Sparks Law for the persistent representation you need. Our attorneys are experienced in pursuing legal remedies for Georgia contract disputes and could help you achieve a desired outcome in your case.

Amount of Contract Dispute Damages in Small Claims Court

According to Georgia law, small claims court is limited to $15,000 in damages, which includes reimbursement of attorney fees. If a case is worth $12,000 with an estimated $10,000 in attorney’s fees, a person may be seeking $23,000 in damages, meaning that they will have to file in Georgia Superior Court to pursue the full amount.

Punitive Remedies in Georgia Contract Disputes

The purpose of punitive damages is to prevent the defendant from repeating their actions. This could be an appropriate legal remedy for fraud, planned breach of contract, or some other intentional form of harm. For instance, say that there is a commercial lease between a landlord and a tenant, and the lease itself gives the tenant rights to that property for five years. However, two and a half years into the lease, the landlord gets an offer to demolish the property and turn it into a parking lot.

This may be understandable from a financial standpoint, but the landlord’s decision could significantly harm the tenant’s business. If the court wants to prevent landlords from doing this in the future, they might make punitive damages. Instead of just charging the compensatory $100,000 of damages, they might charge the landlord $10 million as a way of preventing intentional or bad faith breaches of contract. An experienced local attorney could further explain punitive damages and whether they may be an appropriate legal remedy for a contract dispute case.

Are Punitive Damages a Common Legal Remedy for Contract Cases?

No. Typically, contracts have limited outs and waived punitive damages. This means that most commercial contracts will not allow for punitive damages. As a well-versed attorney could explain, punitive damages are fairly rare in contract disputes across the United States, so it is significant when they do get awarded.

Contract Rescission as a Remedy for Contract Breaches

Rescission is when a party fully rescinds the contract and reverses out of it. If one person paid money as part of the contract, the other party would return that money and essentially act as if the contract never existed. Those considering contract rescission as a legal remedy should consult with a skilled attorney who handles Georgia contract disputes.

Call a Georgia Contract Disputes Attorney to Discuss Legal Solutions

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