Commercial Contract Disputes in Georgia

Disputes over breaches of contract are common in the business world. Any disagreement over a contract between businesses or between a company and its employee(s) is considered a commercial contract dispute. For instance, if our law firm hires a marketing vendor and there is a disagreement over the terms of our agreement, it may lead to a commercial contract dispute.

These cases often involve complex contract laws that are best left to a skilled legal professional. If you are involved in a contested business agreement, speak with an attorney at Sparks Law who focuses on commercial contract disputes in Georgia.

Determining a Strategy for a Business Contract Dispute

In a commercial contract dispute, an experienced attorney would start out by reviewing the agreement, speaking with their client about what has occurred, and comparing the facts of the case with the relevant laws in Georgia. This usually involves referencing the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) as well as the terms and provisions of the contract itself. A lawyer can then advise their client on what is possible given the circumstances.

Potential courses of action for a commercial contract dispute could include:

  • Sending a demand letter to the other side for the breach of contract
  • Demanding a refund or damages
  • Requesting to change to the deal or make a settlement agreement

Preparing for Trial in Georgia Commercial Contract Disagreements

If the other side’s attorney refuses to cooperate, negotiate a settlement, or offer a refund, you may need to talk to your lawyer about bringing an actual lawsuit. Often, commercial disputes will settle before this point. However, if a case does need to be brought to court, the commercial contract disputes lawyers at our firm are skilled at providing relentless representation.

A local contracts attorney can first help with filing the initial lawsuit and serving it to the other side of the commercial dispute. If they still do not wish to negotiate, the discovery phase will begin. This involves bringing up evidence on both sides and reviewing exactly what happened. Our lawyers in the area can help gather evidence in a commercial contract dispute case, such as:

  • Emails
  • Text messages
  • Witnesses to the contract
  • Any goods that were involved (i.e., if the other side sold a defective product)

If the other side still does not negotiate a settlement during or after the discovery phase, the attorneys at Sparks Law can help you get ready for summary judgement motions and trial. However, it is rare for commercial contract disputes to get this far along without settling.

Fraud Allegations in Commercial Contracts

Many lawsuits for breaches of commercial contracts will include some allegations of fraud. Usually, these accusations will accompany a demand letter for someone to pay for the alleged breach. This gives the person bringing the lawsuit more claims of right, meaning more things that they can sue for. It also may lead to more damages or money from the settlement, if the plaintiff can prove that fraud occurred.

If you are accusing someone of breaching a commercial contract, our Georgia lawyers can help determine if fraud played a role in your case. On the other hand, if you are being accused of commercial fraud, we are skilled at effectively defending against these allegations as well.

Consult a Lawyer on Commercial Contract Disputes in Georgia

Disagreements over commercial contracts are both common and difficult to navigate without a strong legal background. To protect your business, it is best to consult a seasoned attorney if you are involved in any commercial contract disputes in Georgia. At Sparks Law, we have vast experience handling these types of cases and can help you understand the legal side of things. Call us today to discuss your situation.